Southern Swing

We met family at Carolina Beach for a week in July and took another week as travel days which afforded us time to visit two national parks and do some biking and white water rafting.

Our first stop was a Loves Truck Stop in Virginia. I don’t yet have our curtian game in lock down, so it was a bit bright at times due to the parking lot lights but that will be fixed by our next big trip. We were also traveling with two bikes on the bike rack and two in the back of the van. That meant we had to fold our bed up and down and haul the bikes in and out for each stop. That problem has already been solved with the addition of the 4 bike Saris hitch rack.  All the bikes go on the back now (although mine is the only one in this photo).

The boys enjoyed washing up in the truck stop bathrooms at night and buying breakfast there as we heading out in the am.

Our next stop was Arrowhead Bike Farm in Fayetteville, WV, which was a great base camp for local mountain biking and white water rafting on the New River.  The bike farm had camping spots, indoor plumbing, a bike wash and a small restaurant.  I LOVE the concept.  We went rafting on the upper New River which was plenty for us.

After spending a couple of nights at the bike farm in Fayetteville, we traveled south and stayed in a pretty  grimy campground just outside of Shenandoah. I won’t provide a link because I don’t want to be sued for defamation of character, but we were pretty sure we saw a two liter of pee outside the mobile home the owners lived in.

We spent most of the next day in Shenandoah and the boys loved our hike up Bearfence Mountian. There is a lot of exposed rock for bouldering. 

We spent the next night in a Walmart parking lot in North Carolina. We had the same problem with the lights and the bikes; we also neglected to fully charge our battery so our fan didn’t run all night and it was bit warm in the van but it was free and we lived.  In the morning we road the trails at Brunswick Nature Park near the beach before taking a ferry to Carolina Beach where we spent the next week enjoying family and the ocean.

We were feeling vacationed out after our week at the beach so we only stopped once on the way back to Michigan. We stayed at Brushcreek Campground; among other amenities, it had a pool with a WV Mountain View. The campground was quiet and clean and had very nice bathrooms.🚽🚿

It was a great family trip and we enjoyed the freedom the van provides us to plan as we go.

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