Puerto Morelos – November 2016

The weather was perfect.  Sunny and mid 80s daily with minimal rain.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom beachfront condo a few blocks from the town square. The condo was clean, included a washer and dryer, had a lovely pool and a view of the ocean.

We took an airport transfer to our condo which was very convenient and easy. Our boys were initially disappointed upon arrival.  We had previously traveled to Luquillo, Puerto Rico and they loved that trip.  The condo grounds and the waves were not the same as Luquillo and this required a bit of a mental adjustment for them, which they quickly did.

We enjoyed many hours in the pool – it was large enough to rough house and play catch.  The was another family visiting with children, and our youngest enjoyed the playmate.

The beach was clean, sandy and well-groomed.  Puerto Morelos is a fishing town, so there are many small boats tied up to shore, but there was plenty of room at the beach in front of the condo to swim without being bothered by the ropes.  We went snorkeling using the outfitter located next door who had a boat tied up infront of the condo.  Our youngest was nervous, but as an animal lover we knew he would love it.  Our guide was fantastic with him.  Our son held onto a flotation device and put his head in the water- he was quickly comfortable and the guide stuck with him the whole time.

We spent the first few days of our trip swimming, walking to town for meals and enjoying the square at night.  Our eldest had a chance to play soccer a couple of times which he really enjoyed.  We found art in a local restaurant that we all loved and purchased some prints at an evening market in the square.

None of us developed any travel tummy issues.  The restaurants have filtered water and we enjoyed eating at many of them.  After being in town a few days, we took a colectivo to the grocery store that was off the highway.  We purchased some staples and pastries and cooked some of our meals in the condo for the rest of the week.  There was a shop a few blocks from our condo that made fresh tortillas that we used in our condo meals.  My eldest, who had previously shunned corn tortillas, loved them.

We took two day trips during this vacation.  For the first, we rented a car in Puerto Morelos and drove to Tulum to see the ruins and visit the beach.  Neglecting to bring water to the ruins was a rookie mistake.  We made a quick pass through and found water at the exit.  We did not attempt to reenter, but went to the beach, where we found some snack shacks and waves big enough for body surfing.  We then returned to our car, did some souvenir shopping and went to visit Grand Cenote.  Our youngest decided not to swim, but the rest of us enjoyed the cenote and ventured into some of the darker areas.  We saw others snorkeling and scuba-ing, but we were satisfied with our regular swimming goggles. For the second day trip, the boys went to Croco Cun Zoo, using a taxi for transport and I took a cooking class a block from the condo at The Little Mexican Cooking School.  Everyone enjoyed their day.

We all feel a return trip is in order.  We loved the small town feel of Puerto Morelos.  The town is centrally located and there are a number of day trips that we did not take on this trip that we would love to take when we return.  I love being away from home with my family, where I don’t have to compete with friends and activies to enjoy time together. Enjoy the photos.


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